in October 2017

With a large variety of fabric samples to choose from, your every curtaining desire can be met. Each window has different needs depending on its location, size and what room its is in.
For the bedroom we have total block out fabrics, either in the form of lining or Dim Out that can be used just as is or with a decretive sheer. It all depends how much light you want to let in. For other rooms where needs lots of light sheer fabrics can be uses alone or with main curtains.

With curtaining, you need rails or poles. This choice goes hand in hand with the finish you want to use with the curtain. With poles one can use the normal pencil pleat curtain tape and rings or the very populate eyelet tape. If a more formal look needs to be achieved, Decorator pelmet poles can be used, and there is a number of curtain tapes to choose from when using these rails. These fittings are available in a variety of colours and styles.